The Pirates of Port Royal

An original theatrical dance production

Port Royal was located in what is now Kingston Harbor in Jamaica. It was founded by the Spanish, though natives had been using the spot long before. Spain continued to hold the town until the English invaded it. Fearful the Spanish would return the acting Governor at the time hired buccaneers, known as the Brethren of the Coast, to attack Spanish ships. A fort was built in harbor and the town was never invaded again. The Brethren were essentially legal privateers. In time, however they were not needed and the privateers either found new work, returned home or became pirates.


September 17, 2021

Now in production!

As our story opens the privateers have gained a safe haven and the merchants and shop keepers have become very wealthy off of the pirated loot that was flooding into Port Royal. Captain Van der Meer, the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica has been charged with protecting Port Royal. Pirates and privateers are no longer needed for the protection of the town- but not all pirates are having it. As the show opens the pirate Calico Pete, is in the stocks and chains, awaiting execution by hanging. Calico Pete, contemplates how he got here...start your theater experience with us today!



DEC - MAR 2021

Script Development

Staff will write the script, select song choices and related dances, and decide on staging, props and costumes.  Your instructors begin discussing these things with you and gauge your interest in participating in the show.

MAR - JUN 2021


Staff will meet together to choose students for each role, song and dance so that we can continue to develop the script.  We will ask students to commit with payment during this period.

JUN - SEP 2021

Learning Dance/Script

After the Virginia Beach Dance Challenge, we will begin learning choreography for your dance routines.  Students will also be able to begin learning their lines and script.

JUL-SEP 2021

Staff Rehearsals

Staff will begin their own rehearsals and learning the script earlier this year so that they can incorporate the script in your private lessons.

SEP 12 2021

This is your first full rehearsal of the entire cast and it will be a dress rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal

SEP 16 2021

Final Rehearsal

This is our final rehearsal.  Students are not required to dress in costume however, feel free to do so if you like.  Keep in mind this is the day before the show.  Costumes may be kept in dressing rooms overnight.



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