Listen to the Wind

Opens September 2022

An original DanceSportVA theatrical ballroom dance production.

How do you know you are a witch? When you move, feel and dance like an enchantress. When you know that energy doesn’t lie, dreams have power and quality time is indispensable. When you never dismiss an omen. When you know that loss is part of the material world, but what is lost is often found again.  You don’t become a witch, you just suddenly realize you are one, so listen to the wind…

Dressed Up


Kathy Rowse: Rosita Hart

Anna Storz: Young Rosita Hart

Melanie Bowman: Autumn Lattimere

Gabbi Munson: Young Autumn Lattimere

Linda Hertzler: Chandra Devonshire

Zoe Johnson: Young Chandra Devonshire

Dawn Hamrick: Saffron Dupree

Emma Lutner: Young Saffron Dupree

Matt Kastoras: Paxton Kane

Owen Samuels: Young Paxton Kane

Gaia Harris: Enchanted Cat

Christine Bontempi: Sybyl

Peter Kwong: Magnus White

Stacy John: Tatiana

Cindy Williamson: Selene

Sovay McGalliard: Elizabeth

Natasha Lemke: Haley

Joe Hertzler: Wayde

Katherine McAllister: Cornelia

Leilani Villarin: Sophia Lobo

Sean McAllister: Reuben

Donna Brewer: Bevon

Sir Lancelot: Ken Reynolds

Linda Reynolds: Queen Guinevere

Kevin Morse: John Smith

Sandy Dunn: Pocahontas

Cameron Johnson: Merlin

Maria Bezubic: Lady Morgana Pendragon

Katja Marc-Harris: Terpsichore

Katja Marc-Harris: Lady Lattimere

Martin Smith: Famous Male dancers

Bob Orsini: Paxton Crimson