A Piece of My Heart

This is one of our past showcases

A traditional ballroom dance showcase

“There are many kinds of love and many kinds of light, and every kind of love makes a glory in the night. There is love that stirs the heart and love that gives it rest, the love that leads life upward is the noblest and the best” Henry Van Dyke

Our students will bring to life through dance, many different manifestations of love in this ballroom dance showcase.  Some of our students will be dedicating their performance while others have simply chosen a favorite song to perform in dance.



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Paul Basdikus, Christine Bontempi, Donna Brewer

Joe Brogan, Shelly Brogan, Melanie Bowman

Robert Brunz, David Cass, Barbara Chapman 

Marta Conkling, Paul Conkling, Joe Connolly

Sandy Dunn, Janet Eggan , Austin Haiderer

Jim Haiderer, Virgnia Haiderer, Deborah Hamilton

Dawn Hamrick, Linda Hertzler, Joe Herzler

Stacy John, Matthew Kastoras, Peter Kwong

Natasha Lemke, Nick Martyn, Katherine McAllister

Sean McAllister, Kevin Morse, Jonathan Miller

Gramos Plaku, Ken Reinschmidt, Ken Reynolds

Linda Reynolds, Kathy Rowse, Pat Raleigh

Frank Tehel , Leilani Villarin, Sherron Ware

Cindy Williamson, Irina Zorenko

Your DanceSportVA Pro’s

Cameron Johnson, Katja Marc-Harris, Martin Smith

Showcase Staff

Bob Orsini, Showcase Director

Maria Bezubic, Master of Ceremonies

Kristina Schmitt, Music Director

Isaac Kwong, Videography

Kathryn McAllister, Broadcast Manager

Gramos Plaku, Lights & Stage Manager

Sara Beth Schwalenberg, Reception, Refreshments